Thank you for visiting my page I look forward to meeting you soon .

I'd like to share a bit of my background , I started out as a model and fell in love with the industry . I understand being in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes .Wile modeling I received a great opportunity to try my hand at makeup , hair styling and wardrobe styling from a great fashion photographer friend over 14 years ago . It was then I received a crash course in the "behind the scenes world" and had a great time creating great editorial and fashion stories for our clients.

 In 2004 I moved to Orlando to study and exspand my knowlage of the wonderful art of makeup and special FX with the "late , great " Jay Cannistraci and FX expert Bill McCoy at the Joe Blasco Professional  Makeup Academy  .

From then on I have been lucky to be living my passion and perfecting my craft by providing all kinds of makeup  from personal makeover's to large scale productions and everything in between.

My  forte is to be fast , professional yet personable , reliable , easy to work with , my clients will all tell you they don't have to photoshop my work which saves cost on there editing budget , and most of all I give every client who sits in my chair the star treatment . 

Best Wishes